News and events


Article in Ingeniøren

We are excited to have an article on the front page of 'Ingeniøren', Denmark's leading engineering newspaper! The article showcases our unique microchip inlet technology, our applications within catalysis and batteries and our venture into the biogas industry!


Partnership with E.On Denmark

We are pleased to announce that Spectro Inlets have been accepted to E.Ons entrepeneurial program #accelerateCPH. Together with E.On, we are testing our unique sensing solution to optimize biogas production carried out at E.On facilities.

Spectro Inlets and E.On will investigate the impact of advanced monitoring and control of biogas production, as well as possibilities with electrochemical power-to-gas production.


Quality assurance and shipment to customers

We are busy at Spectro Inlets with production, quality assurance and shipment of our inlet system with our membrane microchips to our first customers. We have focused on laying the groundwork for a scaleable, reliable and high-quality production. With this, we aim to deliver the best to our customers for state-of-the-art real-time measurements in their work. - May 2017


Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival 2017 in Berlin

Spectro Inlets attended the Start Up energy transition event in Berlin where we met with energy utility accelerators, investors, power-to-gas companies and innovative energy start ups in Berlin Kulturbrauerei. It was a great opportunity to get a feeling for the innovative players in the energy industry and secure important business connections. - March 2017


Entrepreneurial  Pilot 2017

Spectro Inlets has been accepted into the Entrepreneurial Pilot programme sponsored by the Innovation Fund Denmark! This programme supports newly graduated talents inspiring to become innovative entrepreneurs and aims to strengthen knowledge-based entrepreneurship – short and long-term. - January 2017