Analysis System for real-time measurements 


The Spectro Inlets analysis system incorporates our unique microchip inlet technology with a vacuum and gas-handling system in conjuction with a mass spectrometer to deliver unprecedented real-time measurements of volatile substances in liquid environments. The analysis system can characterize minute gas evolution at the surface of an electrode for electrochemistry and battery R&D. As the inlet is robust and self-cleaning,  the system is also suitable for monitoring dissolved gases for industrial applications such as biogas production and wastewater treatment.

  • Membrane chip: Tailored analyte sampling and molecular flow for true quantitative analysis.

  • Standardized sample holder: Piranha-cleanable stagnant thin-layer EC cell for standard 5 mm cylindrical electrodes, common in RDE.

  • Fast time-response: Sub-second time resolution.

  • High sensitivity: Measure the desorption of 10 ppm of a monolayer in 1 sec.

  • High dynamic range: Measure from 1 mA down to 1 nA of continuous product formation.

  • Quantitative analysis: 100% volatile species collection efficiency and tailored molecule flux to the detector.

  • Dosing of reactant gases: Fully defined mass transport to and from the electrode.

  • Fast sample and chip exchange: Integrated vacuum system for effortless chip exchange without interrupting instrument operation or venting.

  • Streamlined software solution: Complete system control and synchronized EC-MS data acquisition and plotting. Full documentation is available for customization by the user.

  • Applications include: