Analysis System for real-time measurements 

System and Inlets-02 smaller.png

The Spectro Inlets analysis system incorporates our unique microchip inlet technology with a vacuum and gas-handling system in conjuction with a mass spectrometer to deliver unprecedented real-time measurements of dissolved gases in liquid environments. The analysis system can characterize minute gas evolution at the surface of an electrode for electrochemistry and battery R&D. As the inlet is robust and self-cleaning,  the system is also suitable for monitoring dissolved gases for industrial applications such as biogas production and wastewater treatment.

On the left, the above figure shows both the electrochemistry flow cell as well as an ISO flange for attachment to industrial facilities.

  • Incorporates microchip inlet technology, allowing for sensitive and real-time measurements of volatile compounds in gas and liquid environments.
  • Includes software for mass spectrometer control and data read-out, and integration into industrial monitoring software solutions
  • Applications include: