The Microchip inlet


Microchip-based inlet technology for real-time analysis of chemical reactions.

A microchip inlet design allows for direct characterization of an environment. Real-time measurements of gas and volatile compounds in both gas and liquid environments can be carried out. Measurements (graph on the right) show at 60s a breath on the chip at in a gas environment. At 120s, a droplet of water is placed on the chip. The working mode of the inlet switches automatically from 'gas' to 'liquid' measurements. Here, helium is used as a carrier gas and now the measurements are showing the dissolved gas species in the water. The unique geometry uniquely allows for sensitive and real-time measurements of gas composition in liquid environments. The chip is robust and self-cleaning and is therefore also suitable for aggressive electrochemistry electrolytes as well as long-term measurements for industrial applications.

Refer to the peer-review publication and Technical brochure for more detailed information on the microchip inlet characteristics.